[Marxism] re: Food for mind...lessness (Nestor Gorojovsky)

Carlos Petroni cepetroni at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 10 06:09:17 MDT 2006

> From: "Nestor Gorojovsky"
> <nestorgoro at fibertel.com.ar> wrote:
> All those subbers to this list who are interested in
> joining the 
> attacks on populist regimes in Latin America today,
> particularly 
> those in the Southern Cone, will find lots of food
> for their minds in 
> the writings of the sect below.

Dear Nestor:

It is always reassuring to see that some things and
some comrades never change. How wonderful is to read
someone treatesies where he said little of substance,
offer no concrete criticism and manages to dump few
insults withour substantiation -- all in the same

Yes, Nestor: the government of Nestor Kirchner and
Jorge Telerman -- who, by the way, had been in power
long before he became Mayor of Buenos Aires - are
responsible for the death of Bolivian workers in the
city's sweatshops.  They knew about it and chose not
to do anything. Their functionaries were bribed to
overlook the situation for years.  No populist gesture
can erase that.

As to the assertion of "Latin American" unity under
the guide of suc`h leaders as Lula and Kirchner...
well, let's just say that GM and Ford -- the oil and
gas bourgeois club and the old boys military networks
from both countries are very happy. And yes, Nestor, a
quick look at history would show the Brazilian
bourgeoisie's appetite for hegemony.

I would just make a note to myself not to answer this
kind of postings anymore.


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