[Marxism] sectarian TONC approach to May 1st

Andrew Pollack acpollack2 at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 10 09:34:58 MDT 2006

I am VERY glad it has come up at the steering committee (which I am not  on). But that makes the sectarianism even more criminal. As does the  fact that the initial call appears to have come from a much broader  milieu and already provided the opportunity to build a united front in  NY for May 1st..
  Plus, eventually there will have to be a fight against endorsement of  liberal Senate legislation. So far in NY we've been lucky that everyone  has come out against guest worker programs even though the SEIU  nationally has been awful on this and even on the repressive  non-amnesty provisions of the McCain-Kennedy proposals. The last thing  we need is a separate sectarian group upholding radical demands on this  issue, as opposed to a united front where a fight can be held for  principled but inclusive demands.
I disagree that there has been no discussion of
May first. In fact, I believe the newly 'emerged' steering committee
for the A-10 coalition took it up so as to be part of the agenda for
the next assessment mtg. and planning for next steps. I have also
heard informal disucssion among some of the union organisers who are
part of the A-10 planning.

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