[Marxism] Lincoln

Carrol Cox cbcox at ilstu.edu
Mon Apr 10 14:19:38 MDT 2006

Mark Lause wrote:
> CB: The end of capitalism is inevitable , one way or the other.
> ML: Yes?  Well, if it's inevitable, why are we doing this when we could
> be playing online poker or something?

"One way or another" sort of trivializes the prediction. When capitalism
has made the earth more or less uninhabitable, capitalism and humans may
end together. But that is not a very comforting thought. Nor is it a
kind of inevitability which offers much guide to practice.

It is quite certain, on the other hand, that socialism is definitely NOT
inevitable. I would agree that the notion of inevitability is not a very
useful one. And that, of course, is why we are doing this rather than
playing online poker. Within limited contexts slogans asserting
something like inevitability can sometimes temporarily build up morale.
"The People United Will Never Be Defeated." They were indeed defeated,
but I wouldn't object to the use of that slogan in El Salvador back in
the early '80s, even though it was a false prediction.


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