[Marxism] History of Los Angeles working class movements... any article suggestions

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Apr 10 16:46:34 MDT 2006

>   I am doing some research on the history of the LA working class 
> movement and i was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on things to 
> read. I am a medical outreach worker but I am also a socialist and plan 
> on using this information for a presentation in LA where I live. If 
> anyone has any articles or books I can look up I woudl really appreciate 
> it. I already have MIke Davis' City of Quartz and I found another on the 
> by Perry and Perry but that only goes to 1941.
>   If anyone has any suggestions please let me know.
>   Michele

Although the book is filled with a visceral hatred of the CP and the author 
has a reputation as a kind of wacky combination of Sufi and 
neoconservative, there would probably be some useful information in Stephen 
Schwartz's "From West to East: California and the Making of the American 
Mind". The whole purpose of the book is to discredit the CP and elevate 
anarchists and other non-CP leftists. At the time Schwartz identified with 
the left, but no longer.

I would also recommend Greg Sinclair's "Campaign of the Century", which is 
an account of Upton Sinclair's "End Poverty in California" (EPIC) election 
campaign in the 1930s.

Finally, I'd recommend Carey MacWilliams's "California: The Great 
Exception". MacWilliams was the Nation Magazine editor for many years and 
has written other books about California as well.

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