[Marxism] Nativo Lopez

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Apr 10 17:24:37 MDT 2006

Just before 7pm, I watched a bit of Lou Dobbs on CNN just out of curiosity. 
This racist pig has become the highest-profile nativist on the air-waves, 
making the fight against "illegal immigration" his speciality. With his 
porcine face and American flag pin on his lapel, he is really easy to hate.

He was interviewing Nativo Lopez, an LA activist who is the head of MAPA 
(Mexican American Political Association). This was my first chance to 
actually hear one of the movement's leaders. It is simply disgusting that 
the mass media has not given people like Lopez a voice and dwells almost 
exclusively on the demonstrations, which of course are too large to ignore.

Lopez refused to take any shit from Dobbs and cut him off in midsentence 
after he used the term "illegal". Why would you use this offensive word, he 
asked? Would you use words like "kike" or "nigger" as well? He also had the 
economic facts nailed down as well, telling Dobbs that NAFTA has been 
responsible for the loss of 3 million farming livelihoods. What should 
these people do except play by the rules of supply and demand which brought 
NAFTA to Mexico in the first place. Dobbs, visibly flustered, had no answer.

Here's an interview with Lopez: 

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