[Marxism] Los Angeles working class movements

thomas muntzer immune_from_demoralization at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 11 18:29:07 MDT 2006

Walter's conception of politics is: who should we cheer for?  How loudly?  How should we cheer for them?  And conversely: how should we denounce those who refuse to cheer ("criticism-ism-ists?") ("sectarians?") ("Trotskyists")?  With a rhetorical strategy including such time tested techniques as race-baiting and red-baiting and newer "relativist" techniques such as saying "I'm writing from Cuba which gives me a better vantage point" "I'm 63 and you're '23'," etc.  Never a word about what should be the road forward for revolutionaries here and now let alone in L.A.  Never a word about his own class struggle work in L.A. or his own discussions with workers here in L.A.(whose left I am very familiar with and which he seems to play no role in whatsoever). Does that sound politically discrediting enough?  Can he deny any of this?
  Even the idea that socialists have something to offer to the L.A. working class during the present upsurge rubs Walter the wrong way?  Why?  Because he made his exit from revolutionary politics and wants to justify that.  But if he supports the left wing of the union staff he should at least for work as an organizer for HERE local 11 - they are hungry for organizers -- but he'll have to shut up about Cuba and Venezuela when talking to the membership.

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