[Marxism] The Road Forward Today

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Tue Apr 11 19:32:08 MDT 2006

by Walter Lippmann

The most important task before socialists in today's 
conjuncture is to learn. Not to teach, but to learn.

Of course, this is difficult if you already have all of
the answers, but learning is the most important of
all tasks right now. How did the workers do this?
How did they pull together such massive protests?

Why is is that these people who had worked hard
and tried to follow the rules and stay out of the
way for so many years, why did this layer decide
that enough is enough? This great humanity has
said "basta" and is moving out of the shadows to
center stage in the life of the United States. 

The working class of the United States, starting 
with its most oppressed sections: those who don't
have United States citizenship and such benefits as
it confers, is on the move. There has never been a
mobilization of this type, of this extend, of this 
breadth and of this width, at least since the post
World War II upsurge in 1945-46. 

Those who already think they know everything can
and will go forward and tell the masses of people
who are on the move for the first time, that those
who are leading them today are really opponents
and misleaders. No! No! No, these critics proclaim!
Illusions in these leaders must be pitilessly fought, 
our critic declaims. The idea that we can LEARN 
from these mass mobilizations just doesn't occur 
to such individuals.  

Walter Lippmann
Los Angeles, California

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