[Marxism] The Wrong Road Forward Today

Javier A javierunderground at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 11 22:01:04 MDT 2006

 Walter Lippmann wrote, "The idea that we can LEARN 
from these mass mobilizations just doesn't occur 
to such individuals. " 
 Is it conceivable that there is a category that exists that includes both learning and teaching? Framing politics as if its one or the other is about as intelligent as thinking, "dont beat yourself up, just cut yourself a couple of times." And if the political question should be dismissed because of the historical nature of such immigrant mobilizations, then what would be your response to Latino democrats (including the mayor of LA) who say, "dont protest, its a waste of your time, just elect more immigrant friendly Latino democrats"? As far as your logic goes, saying we have something to learn from such a process (and not to attempt to  teach anything in this process), well does this logic end at a certain point, or does it continue uncritically into this domain of electoralism that leads to pasitivity and complacency?  If it does end, then whats the problem with it being able to learn and teach at the same time? and god forbid argue and challenge such politicians when we
 do teach...but gees thats a sin against the empty popular relativist logic that is so taboo to challenge, we might as well as throw dialectics and historical materialism into that fire as well to be consistent with our "only learning policy," becuase what type of conclusions do we got from those satanic methodologies anyways? 
 Someone told me a discussion they had with an anarchist who said we have everything to learn from the masses and nothing to teach. I said "nothing to teach!" thats rediculous. I just got back from El Savlador and visited a factory (Evergreen) in Soyapango where 550 women workers were illegally fired on thanksgiving, 2005. They were desperate for help and advice. I was just thinking what if I walked up to them and said, "I have everything to learn from and nothing to teach," they would say, "well what the fuck are you doing here cause were busy trying to get our severance pay from Evergreen and we dont have time to be your personal teacher" 
 Javier A,
 Somewhere in California

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