[Marxism] who needs the Latino bourgeoisie?

Prem K Govindaswamy govi0006 at umn.edu
Tue Apr 11 22:49:10 MDT 2006

>   Sooner or later those Latino bosses will try to rein them in. At that 
> point we (by we I mean Latino workers and their allies among white, 
> and other workers) will have to step right over them. Just as we  have to
> explain to workers at GM/Delphi now that their way forward is  to walk
> just as Latino workers have been doing this last month.

Here is a concern that might be brought up in response to the above:

   We already know that. The question is what are the concrete steps,
specific tactics, connections to the movement do Socialists in the US
actually have in mind? The things going against Reds in US is that Latino
Bourgeoisie, the Democratic Party, and Union Bureaucrats have a significant
amount of sway over these movements, due to several factors. One is larger
amounts of material and financial resources (publications, money for
organizers, etc) to attract the rank and file. Also, larger organizations
such as the LBs, DP, UBs provide the illusion of being able to deliver
quicker political concessions, as opposed to puny Communist sectlets with
enough members to fill an elevator. Latino bosses can also threaten firing
and can also at least claim to be a part of the Latino community, as
opposed to a red Yanqui, who doesn't have to worry as much about crackdowns
and deportations by the state, and may not even speak Spanish. Simply going
to one of these immigrants rights marches or Delphi workers meetings waving
an obscure socialist publication won't be enough to challenge the hold of
the LBs, DPs, UBs, etc. As before, the question isn't what is to be done,
but what are the concrete steps. Anything people on this list have would
seriously be welcome. 

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