[Marxism] What should revolutionaries do in the Latino immigrant movement?

thomas muntzer immune_from_demoralization at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 12 07:56:13 MDT 2006

"Disagree with him, by all means, but remember for
many Latinos he is 
more than a particular political line. His victory was
seen as much 
than the electoral victory of an individual, but the
victory of a 
cause, and
when people from outside the community denigrate the
individual the way 
has been done on this list, those people run the risk
of being 
perceived as
enemies of the cause."

How do you know what people are saying over here? 
Come over here and come to a meeting of workers or the
South Central Farmers who Villaraigosa is fucking over
or of almost anyone here and discuss Villaraigosa with
them.  What arrogant idiocy for you to lecture people
in L.A. about what the people of L.A. think or what
they should think of the mayor here.  Of course that
is harsh calling him a sellout and I wouldn't just
jump on that in a conversation with workers - but two
minutes into the conversations that's what Latino
immigrants are saying over here - of course you don't
need to know that, you know everything before even
speaking to people.  Or to think that you know what
people think of Dolores Huerta over here (most of the
Latinos at the march had never heard of her -- except
now they will see her at the rallies with the labor
officialdom and Democrats telling them to vote for
whoever is the candidate of choice).

This is all pure Joaquin Bustelo the middle class
intellectual lecturing us on what to do in the most
arrogant style from a position of apparent inactivity
halfway across the country because of his skin-color
-- I live in a Latino city, I have better places to
seek advice.  You never refer to actual conversations
with immigrant workers.  You think you speak for
Latino people.  But you never refer to any of your own
political work in the movement over there - what is
it?  And your long treatises mean nothing because you
seem to be an inactive old socialist (although very
active on email lists) who crawled his way back onto
marxmail after you were driven out by arguments you
had no way to refute.

In the end you have nothing but contempt for yourself
and those who stick to the ideas you dedicated your
youthful life to.  You have nothing for contempt for
little groups of militants who have hung on and who
propose militant ideas within this new movement.  Our
group here is say 80% made up of working class Latino
immigrants and there you are an inactive old socialist
from Atlanta lecturing us that we can't raise ideas of
class independence and working class unity in LOS
ANGELES which you have no idea about.  And like Walter
your arguments amount to a justification for your
"participation" which you have never really reported
on, in a group that couldn't organize its way out of a
paper bag.

You might perceive me as an enemy of the cause. 
Nobody over here does.  I'm just an enemy of YOUR
cause which appears to be to spend 5 hours a day on
internet mailing lists imagining you are "fighting
(!)" white chauvinism by writing platitudes drawn from
academia that say nothing.  Joaquin a first step for
you might be: Get active.  Do something.  Come here
and tell us about it.  Actually talk to some workers
and come here and tell us what they are saying over
there in Atlanta.  How many years has it been since
you have done all these things combined?  But
personally I'm wasting way too much time over here
debating you and your tag team buddy Walter in a time
when there is a tremendous upsurge that I've been
waiting for my whole political life and in which
socialists DO have a different perspective to offer --
workers see that immediately, you don't.

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