[Marxism] On learning from --whom?

Nestor Gorojovsky nestorgoro at fibertel.com.ar
Wed Apr 12 11:42:05 MDT 2006

Tom O'Lincoln, to Walter Lippmann:

> I agree we should learn from these experiences. Not being in the
> United States, I can't really do that directly; I need American
> comrades to do the analysis and pass on the lessons.
> And hey, when I saw your post, I thought maybe YOU had learned
> something, which you intended to pass on to us.
> But no, you offer nothing; these massive events are just another
> opporunity for you to make the same old gripes about other 
> leftists. What a waste.

No, Tom, I'm afraid you're wrong.  What Walter suggested was that 
each one tried to learn from the masses, not from Walter. He is 
saying "I have no more lessons to offer than the lesson these masses 
are giving to us all, other than 'learn from those masses, fella!'" 

_That_ is the lesson I'm afraid you did not grasp, and that's why you 
think he has simply wasted his posting (and your time) with "old 
gripes about other leftists".

Of course, everyone in our community of dedicated radicalized 
Marxists, the world over, is eagerly expecting to have quick (and may 
I add soothing or even comforting) news from our American cdes.  But 
this is the mood of CNN newsreels, not the mood of revolutionary mind 
and action.

If I follow Walter's idea well, then maybe what _you_ could do 
yourself (you are in Australia, aren't you, Tom?) is to compare the 
mass actions in the US by the most exploited layers of the working 
class with the mass actions (or lack thereof) by similar layers in 
your own country, and _humbly ask your fellow countrypeople from 
those layers_  "Why do you revolt" or "Why don't you revolt".

I think that _this_ is the lesson Walter has taken from the events, 
and he is applying it to his own political action.  He will not give 
us any blueprint, but for the basic blueprint:  "Learn from the 
masses, don't try to teach them what they already know!"

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