[Marxism] What should revolutionaries do in the immigrant rights movement?

Anthony Boynton northbogota at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 12 15:21:14 MDT 2006

Here are a few thoughts from very far away what
revolutionaries should do in the immigrant rights

1. First they should attend demonstrations, and get
everyone else they can to attend - irregardless of
race, creed, color, language, citizenship, national
origin, etc.

2. What a revolutionary does next depends upon who
they are and where they are. 

If you are a Spanish speaking immigrant who is also a
revolutionary, you are almost certainly already
working in an immigrant rights organization (if you
have any brains and your revolutionary politics have
any significance in the real world).

Now you have some big tactical and strategic problems
facing you, since the mmovement today is totally
different than it was six months ago. 

Now you have a mass movement with a bourgeois
leadership drawn from the Democratic Party, the
Spanish speaking bourgeoisie (which is bigger than the
Spanish speaking bourgeoisie of most Spanish speaking
countries) and the Catholic Church.

And they are marching around with American Flags!

Good luck! 

If you are an immigrant from a non-Spanish speaking
community, who is also a revolutionary, you should be
doing the same thing in your own immigrant community.
I recommend getting in touch with your Latino comrades
for some advice.

If you are not an immigrant, and are also a
revolutionary, you are a rare duck indeed!

Don´t follow the advice of the idiots who tell you to
do nothing! 

And don´t act like you should be leading a movement
you are not part of and don´t know shit about. 

Go back to point one and start over again.

More Later, Anthony

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