[Marxism] What should revolutionaries do in the Latino immigrant movement?

Ben Courtice benj2006 at connexus.net.au
Thu Apr 13 07:05:15 MDT 2006

In response to Anthony Boynton's suggestion -- revolutionaries need to 
think about HOW TO WIN...

I think the French working class have just given the imperialist nations 
  a great example. The main point of their lesson seems to be, don't 
wait for the next election, don't trust the parliamentary snake-oil 
merchants, just get out on the street until the government backs down.

That's the lesson the Australian working class desperately needs to 
learn now, in a struggle much closer to the French than to the US 
immigrants'. Unfortunately here, those awakening to this idea are still 
few and may not overcome the massive dead weight of our union 
bureaucracy. (but, being a socialist, I live in hope!)

Ben Courtice

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