[Marxism] A California Echo of the Moussaoui Case

Brian Shannon Brian_Shannon at verizon.net
Thu Apr 13 08:15:33 MDT 2006


Denny Walsh, Sacramento Bee

A 23-year-old Lodi cherry packer charged with supporting terrorism  
“had a jihadi heart and a jihadi mind,” a prosecutor said Wednesday  
in his closing argument to a federal court jury in Sacramento.

In other words, Hamid Hayat aspired to be a holy warrior who would  
wage war against the United States as an enemy of Islam, according to  
Assistant U.S. Attorney S. Robert Tice-Raskin.

Hayat’s attorney, Wazhma Mojaddidi, countered in her closing argument  
that the government’s entire case depended on proving her client  
attended a terrorist training camp and “none of the evidence proves it.”

The arguments capped dual nine-week terrorism trials of Hayat and his  
father, Umer Hayat, a 48-year-old ice cream truck driver, also from  

Tice-Raskin on Wednesday methodically ticked off the evidence he and  
two colleagues had presented to the jury sitting in judgment on Hamid  
Hayat, saying that five essential facts had been proved:

One, that the younger Hayat was drawn to jihad long before he met FBI  
paid informant Naseem Khan in August 2002, and made damaging  
admissions to Khan in secretly taped conversations.

Two, that Hayat pledged to go to jihad training at a camp in Pakistan.

Three, that he attended such a camp sometime between the fall of 2003  
and the fall of 2004.

Four, that he knew the training would prepare him to engage in  
violent acts in the United States.

Five, that he attempted to conceal his conduct and intended conduct  
by lying to the FBI.

Mojaddidi countered that the only evidence of Hayat’s attendance at a  
camp was his confession to FBI agents in videotaped interviews on  
June 4 and June 5.

And, she argued, there were so many inconsistencies and nonsensical  
statements in the interviews that they were worthless.

“The government is left with nothing,” she told the jury.

The interviews were also riddled with leading questions, Mojaddidi  
argued, and when the agents could not get Hayat to give them the  
answer they wanted, they chose not to believe him.
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