[Marxism] May Day Fundraising Appeal

Jon Flanders jonathan.flanders at verizon.net
Thu Apr 13 11:55:39 MDT 2006

The Hudson Mohawk May Day Committee has taken on an ambitious program
for May Day this year. We are organizing a forum on the workers
struggles in Latin America and the movement of undocumented workers in
the US.

We are flying up Claudia Lopez Pardo, an organizer of the Federation of
Factory Workers of Bolivia, who was a leader in the Cochabamba water war
of 2000 in Bolivia.

She will be appearing not only at our forum in Troy, NY, but also will
be speaking at the April 29 anti-war rally in New York City under the
auspices of US Labor Against the War.

Like other trade unionists from Latin America, she had problems getting
a visa. We had to get the help of our Congressman, Michael McNulty, in
order to get a visa hearing in time to schedule the trip.

Needless to say this has been financially taxing for our committee.

There will be other venues that would like to have Claudia while she is

In order to do this we have tapped all our financial resources and need

If anyone on this list can help, it would be appreciated.

You can send checks payable to the

Troy Area Labor Council, AFL-CIO
c/o Fran Hyde
1538 Tibbets Ave
Troy, NY

or if you want to use PayPal
send it to my account

jonathan.flanders at verizon.net

if you use PayPal, please email me so we can keep track 


Jon Flanders


for more information about our event


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