[Marxism] Mozart, Da Ponte, revolution

Michael Hoover hooverm at scc-fl.edu
Fri Apr 14 07:49:41 MDT 2006

>>> jlevich at earthlink.net 04/14/06 7:23 AM >>>
Last week my wife and son and I attended a satisfactory performance of Don Giovanni at New York City Opera -- we can afford to do this maybe once a year given the outrageous ticket prices. Despite the tameness of Harold Prince's staging the theme of class struggle comes through loud and clear (premiere was in 1787). Found myself wondering how the opera's premiere was received by aristocrats and others in the audience -- anyone know any reliable sources on this, and on the librettist Lorenzo Da Ponte? 

you might check out john bokina's _opera and politics: from
monteverdi to henze_, pretty broad sweep that includes work
mentioned above, author writes in preface of attempting to
understand both what operas say about meaning of political and
social life and their vision about what that life could/should be
like...   mh

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