[Marxism] Fwd from Max Elbaum: Update: Revolution in the Air Archives

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri Apr 14 13:24:22 MDT 2006

This seems relevant to the query about the Los Angeles left.

>I have donated the extensive archives used in researching and writing 
>in the Air" to the Southern California Library for Social Studies and 
>The donated material consists of 40 boxes of books, journals, newspapers, 
>and internal documents from the late-1960s revolutionary upsurge and then 
>the 1970s-80s
>"new communist movement."
>This archive will be added to the Library's existing "Mike Conan Collection"
>of new communist movement materials. Mike was a dear comrade and friend 
>-  you can
>read an appreciation of his life and activism at 
>Before Mike died of cancer in 1994 he arranged for his large archive to be 
>available to researchers and activists in this way. Now, with these new 
>added, the Library has perhaps the country's most comprehensive collection 
>of materials
>on this section of the U.S. left.
>The Library, located in Los Angeles, offers unique and accessible 
>collections and
>community programs, and is devoted to engaging people across generations 
>in using
>history to advance social justice. For full information go to 
>So, if you are engaged in a research project, or are just interested in 
>at primary source materials from the late '60s radical movements and one 
>of the left that grew out of them, check out the Mike Conan Collection. I 
>also urge
>your support for the Southern California Library and similar institutions, 
>are so important for preserving records of radical movements and providing 
>from one generation of activists and scholars to the next.
>Last, if you haven't checked out http://www.revolutionintheair.com in 
>awhile, consider
>taking a look. There's at least one new review of the book posted in 2006, 
>an extensive bibliography, a chronology of events 1954-1992 and other items.

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