[Marxism] Fwd: Chereau/Boulez

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sat Apr 15 07:32:14 MDT 2006

>The Chereau/Boulez Ring is available on DVD, currently for $143.99 on
>It was reissued last year, I think. It is not that expensive when you
>consider that the entire set is 9 DVDs. You will also likely find it in
>Some of the singing performances (e.g. Jeanine Altmeyer as Sieglinde) are
>less satisfactory than the performances on another available cycle, the
>"traditional" one from Levine and the Met. Overall I find all "concept"
>interpretations of the Ring -- including this one -- a bit contrived,
>although Chereau's at least has the virtue of being consistently thought out
>(as compared to, e.g., a very muddled "American" Rheingold I just saw in
>Washington a few weeks ago). Since the Ring is basically a utopian socialist
>allegory, Chereau's production puts on stage pretty much exactly what Wagner
>was thinking -- too literal-minded for my tastes. On the plus side, though,
>the acting is fine, and Chereau has clear, set ideas about the
>interpretation (I don't always agree with them).
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