[Marxism] Demands for an open border?????

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Sat Apr 15 13:31:20 MDT 2006

You'll have to take this on one on for yourself, Andrew.
It's too long of a subway ride from Los Angeles to NYC.
However, I don't think the immigrants are likely to kick
your butt. They're not looking for trouble and want to
avoid unnecessary contact with law enforcement here.

The perfectionistic approach which is indicated in calls
like this for an open border is doomed to defeat and can
only assista the opponents of the immigrants struggle. 

The immigrants are NOT calling for an open border and
neither should those of us who were born here in these
United States and already possess U.S. citizenship.

Today's movement is now demanding the right to enter
the United States of America, legally, as it is now, to
reside, work, and otherwise live withing the existing
social, economic and legal system. Those who already
have legal status, such as most of those arguing about
what demands the immigrants should raise, are out of
touch with what the immigrants - millions and millions
of immigrants - are demanding. They do NOT call for
an open border, an idea which cannot win support in
a broad public manner at this point in U.S. history.

The call for an open border, a lovely idea abstractly,
points in the wrong direction since it would require,
as a pre-requisite, the successful conclusion of the
proletarian revolution. Raising this demand appears
to be aimed first of all and above all at the leaders
of today's immigrants rights movement, which some
presumably consider to be reformist misleading, etc.

Walter Lippmann
ANDREW POLLACK wanted to know:
When they (rightly) kick my ass, are you going to be
there for first aid, Walter?

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