[Marxism] Re: Demand for an open border

Fred Feldman ffeldman at bellatlantic.net
Sat Apr 15 14:13:41 MDT 2006

Aside from what Walter says, its important to remember that Mexico, as a
country that has been historically stripped of territory and robbed by 
the United States, has a right to its sovereignty and to use its
national border for defense, control of trade, and so on.
Doesn't the demand to legalize everyone who has made it into the United
States say enough right now, along with the calls for equality?  I am
not against propaganda that talks about the need to abolish national
borders but right now, on the part of the semicolonial countries, they
sort of need to be reasserted toward the imperialists while overcome
through a process of unification and processes of social change among
Obviously, we should also continue to fight individual cases of
deportation for political reasons, expose the murders and collaboration
with the rightists by the INS etc.
Putting forward Open Borders as though it were an agitational slogan for
immediate action smacks of trying to one-up the movement and prove our
fitness to lead it by the perfection and absoluteness of our slogans.
I think all human beings, in collective activity, learn and teach in a
and mis-learn and mis-teach, in a seamless process.  As long as we don't
act like we have been sent by the God of Party-Building to clear their
muddled heads of "illusions" when they, in fact, are rocking the
mightiest imperialist power on earth -- not something we've been all
that great at lately. We don't need to be ashamed of having opinions, as
long as we are open to the fact that these people obviously have a hell
of a lot to teach everyone else in the country, ourselves included.
Fred Feldman

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