[Marxism] Open borders

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Sat Apr 15 14:33:23 MDT 2006

The issue isn't, and should not be, what those of us who are
citizens of the United States, most of whom were born in the
United States, should be in favor of. The issue is what issues
are the immigrants, who are fighting for the right to live and
work here legally fighting for. They favor legalization and are
NOT advocating an open border. 

People who consider themselves revolutionaries living in the
United States of America, should be guided by what we see
these immigrants demanding. They are in motion around the
issue. We should support their demands, not try to "one-up"
their demands, their leaders, their organizations, and their 
struggles. This movement is at the very beginning stages of
its development. It's just a few short weeks old so far.

Isn't it sufficient that a movement of something like twelve
MILLION people are in motion demanding legalization and a
right to live and work here? 


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