[Marxism] Re: open borders

Fred Feldman ffeldman at bellatlantic.net
Sat Apr 15 15:04:25 MDT 2006

Well, if  Andy advocated Jackson Lee as his program for immigration, I
guess I might even be for kicking him out of the party if we had one.
Of course,  we should oppose making the more recent immigrants the
pariah layer.
As long as the movement stays focused on legalization of all and
equality, that problem is avoided. 

And it would be a mistake, it seems to me,  for the movement to adopt
Jackson Lee as its major SLOGAN, replacing legalization and equality for
all who live here (and, by implication, all who come here).  In
retrospect, I am still against the "Sign the Accords" demand in 1973
replacing Troops Out as the main slogan of the antiwar movement, even
though I now size up the accords as registering gains for the
However, whether the movement takes a position for some partial step is
another question.  Frankly, I think that no legislation is likely to
embody the outlook of the immigrants themselves, since it will be
constructed by their enemies and in their enemies' interests in the
circumstances.  Legalization of millions does not mean expulsion of the
rest, which will depend on the class struggle. The remaining
undocumented will simply resume the battle to dodge la migra and get
jobs under the changed and more favorable circumstances.  If the
movement is to continue moving forward (and partial demobilizations are
always likely after partial victories), they will stand with them and
continue to show human solidarity for those still under the gun.
Finally, we should see this along with the Transit Strike in NYC as
important shows of power by the real labor movement in the United States
-- the one germinating in the long beaten-down and mostly un-unionized
or de-unionized mass of  the working class.
It seems to me this great humanity is beginning to stir very definitely,
if not yet on the march.
I have occassionally raised the perspective -- a very algebraic one --
of a July 26 Movement in the US working class.  Well, things seem to be
looking up for something new and powerful.0
Fred Feldman

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