[Marxism] Immigrant Rights: Supporting Bills in Congress, Full Amnesty Now, Open Borders

Anthony Boynton northbogota at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 15 19:09:55 MDT 2006

Hello all:

As far as I can tell no one speaks for the mass of
immigrants, not Piolin, not trade union leaders, not
the Mayor of Los Angeles. 

But the immigrants have already voted with their feet
to live and work in the United States. I guess they
think that is their right, or at least that it is
worth taking the chance, despite the down side of
being an undocumented worker in the USA.

So, it seems like the minimum for those of us who
claim to be revolutionaries and Marxists to support
their right to stay and be treated like everyone else.

This seems like simple ABC to me. 

Kennedy-McCain and all similar bills seek to gain and
keep control of the border - which the US government
clearly does not have (and never had in the past

The border, and illegalizalization has always served
one primary function: creating a subclass of workers
exempt in practice from all labor lawas including the
minimum wage. Kennedy McCain et. al. seek to reinforce
that situation, as it clearly is crumbling. 

In other words, they know they can´t kick out all of
these people, but they want to kick out some of them,
and control the rest. 

Supporting any law of this type is wrong, from the
point of view of political principle, and from the
pragmatic practical political point of view.

Why from the pragmatic and practical point of view?

Because if passed, Kennedy-McCain will probably be
seen as some sort of victory by the mass of immigrant
workers whol listen to Villaraigosa and Piolin. 

And it will be a real, although partial, victory - not
because of the content of the law, but because it
represents another retreat by the bourgeoisie on this
issue of democratic rights.

And guess what? Some undocument workers aware of their
victory but not of the wording of the new law, will
try to take their rights into their hands, and get mad
as hell when they find out that the law is being used
to deport their neighbors, or when they themselves get

The movement might be temporary stalled by the passage
of such a law, but it will almost certinaly rise
again, and most likely pretty quickly.

When that happens the leaders who pushed Kennedy
McCain will be relegated to the past, and new leaders
will take their place.

(Of course, the opportunists will try to swim with the
current, and some will succeed.)

What should revolutionaries do? Build all of the
mobilizations, try to get speakers who support amnesty
for all, try to raise the slogan, even if it does not
become the main slogan now, fight for a democratic
movement - and don´t get sucked into supporting
repressive measures as some sort of lesser evil.

(Also, you don´t need to make adoptation of your full
or even partial program some sort of litmus test for
your participation - unless you want to stay home and
play computer games because they are more important.)

One last little point. Everyone should keep their eye
on the elections south of the border. That might make
this game a lot more interesting.

All the best, Anthony

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