[Marxism] Open borders

Fernando Torres fernandotorresm19 at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 16 04:42:54 MDT 2006

Under socialism, open borders won’t be a demand or a
position, it will be the state of things, as national
frontiers will tend to disappear at least in the
repressive/administrative sense of the word. But that
is quite some time away, most likely not in our

While agreeing with the concept of open borders, it
seems to me, that it could be divisive, as many people
who support full rights for undocumented workers (by
the way every opportunity that we have we should
agitate against the racist term ‘illegal alien’),
still find a need for national borders.  And it could
also lead to a reactionary consequences as “open”
means both ways, one of them could remove some who
didn’t meet certain criteria. For that reason, I
believe that the clearest, broadest and more dynamic
demand is “Full and unconditional amnesty for all”. 

It is clear, because it states a position with a
clearly defined benefit that has already mobilized
millions. It bridges the individual’s need of, “What’s
in it for me” to the means of achieving it, “I can
only obtain that it through mobilization and

It is very broad because a cross section of segments
have shown their support for the Full Amnesty Demand –
from the Catholic Church, that refused to mobilize
against the Iraq invasion, to Evangelical Churches,
organized labor, to students, to the antiwar movement,
etc. We’re seeing it on the streets.

And it is dynamic because as mobilizations grow under
the Full Amnesty demand, people will begin to
understand the reasons behind immigration and the
conditions under which human beings are forced to live
in the wealthiest nation on earth. That will
invariably lead to further questioning of the system
-- an opportunity socialists have not had in this
country for decades.

I for one believe that every progressive in the US
should be out in the streets supporting this movement,
learning from it and finding a way to help it succeed.
Language or social background should not be a barrier.
These are the People.

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