[Marxism] Iraq/Iran

Carrol Cox cbcox at ilstu.edu
Sun Apr 16 17:49:52 MDT 2006

Jesse Jack wrote:
> I wouldn't be surprised if they were just blowing smoke at this point,
> similar to the way they raised a fuss about North Korea and then gradually
> let it fall by the wayside. However, I wouldn't be surprised if Iraq and
> Afghanistan were invaded in order to set up an attack on Iran. The
> technophiles in the Pentagon surely thought both of those conflicts would
> have gone smoother than they actually have.

Actual possession of nuclear weapons by Iran would guarantee peace in
the Middle East: i.e., it would hamstring u.s. policy in that region.
Hence not just the Bush Administration but the preponderance of opinion
within ruling circles _may_ be that it is essential that Iran be
prevented from even acquiring the knowledge that would allow creation of
such weapons.

However, this is all speculation. Of more immediate importance is how
the scattered and weak leftist forces in the u.s. can/should respond to
an attack on Iran  The emphasis should be put on the _can_ rather than
on the _should_ of the preceding sentence.


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