[Marxism] Re:Iraq-Iran

Jesse Jack jjack99645 at gmail.com
Sun Apr 16 23:16:30 MDT 2006

>So, here we are with Iran on the table.  Nuclear weapons, eh?  We heard
>that one before.  And the non-government authorities say its nonsense.
>Been there, done that.  (And, btw, they won't just take one corner of
>it.  They'd have to smash the Iranian state and that'd require the kind
>of reconstruction that's worked so well for them in Afghanistan and

In a way I think that Iran's nuclear policy is a bluff meant to maintain
peace. They saw what happened to Iraq when Saddam Hussein apparently tried
to play by the rules and avoid war by disarming. Then they saw what happened
to the DPR Korea when the sabre-rattling turned in their direction. Instead
of trying to hide/dismantle any WMD program, the Koreans publicly restarted
their nuclear program. Lo and behold, you don't hear anymore rhetoric about
war with Korea coming from the White House or the corporate media. It's only
natural that Iran -- the last member of the "Axis of Evil" -- would choose
the obviously more effective path. The Bush administration and its puppet
masters in monopoly capital are bullies: they only pick on people that they
don't perceive as a challenge.

>Everyone--including way too many progressives--were spouting that
>"mission accomplished" nonsense and getting their backs up when I told
>them that they were going to find Iraq as tough an extraction as

I think half the battle is going to be convincing leftists, even Marxists,
that we can't just stand aside and let the imperialists and the
"Islamo-fascists" (I've heard that term used in Marxist circles to describe
the Iranian government) go at eachother. As was mentioned earlier, the
"left" in the US -- at least the Democrats running for office -- don't hold
the belief that imperialist war is wrong so much as they believe that they
could wage imperialist war better. After all, a majority of working-class
Americans thought the war in Iraq was OK until American soldiers started
being actually killed.

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