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17 April 2006
Irish Republican Socialist Committees of North America

Easter 2006 Statement

The Irish Republican Socialist Committees of North America issue the
following statement in commemoration of the 90th anniversary of the
Easter Rising.

On Easter Monday ninety years ago, men and women of the Irish
Volunteers and the Irish Citizen Army marched into the streets of
Dublin to confront the British occupation forces.  Their shared goal
was the liberation of Ireland once and for all from British control.
The ICA, led by Marxist trade unionist James Connolly, had the
ultimate goal of creating an Irish Socialist Republic, a republic of
and for the Irish working class.  The great revolutionary V. I. Lenin
later recognised the ICA as "the first Red Army in Europe."

The Irish national liberation forces held out against the British for
a week before they were forced to surrender.  The leaders of the
Rising, including Connolly, were executed but the spirit of the Rising
was an inspiration for the continuation of the national liberation
struggle.  Although this struggle won partial independence in 1921,
six northern counties remained under direct British occupation while
the twenty-six southern counties formed the comprador Irish Free
State.  As Connolly had predicted in 1914, the partition of Ireland
led to a carnival of reaction in both statelets.

Today, both statelets continue to exist, and the southern twenty-six
county statelet is even more of a comprador state, administering
capitalism for the benefit of the foreign and domestic ruling classes
while allowing US imperialists to use Shannon Airport for their
criminal war in Iraq.  In the northern six county statelet, the
so-called "peace process" and the Good Friday Agreement are proven
farces.  The republicans turned constitutional nationalists of
Provisional Sinn Fein have given up on the national liberation
struggle for a place at the table administering British rule, a place
that's being denied to them by the reactionary bigots of the
Democratic Unionist Party who are unwilling to share power with
ex-republicans.  There's a great irony that ex-republicans wishing to
administer British rule are being blocked from doing so by fanatic
advocates of British rule.

Ninety years after the Easter Rising, the members of the Irish
Republican Socialist Committees of North America continue to be
inspired by the example of the Irish working class marching into
battle under the banners of the Irish Citizen Army and the Starry
Plough flag to join with others bent on ending foreign domination of
Ireland, and ultimately to press forward for the greater liberation
that socialism means for our class, the working class.

We deplore the antics of Irish Prime Minister Bertie Ahern, who holds
up the Irish Defence Forces as the true inheritors of the Easter
Rising tradition of resistance and has organised an IDF parade through
Dublin to mark the Rising.  What have these "defence forces" ever done
to defend Irish sovereignty from British occupation?  What have these
"defence forces" ever done to defend Irish people in the North when
they were murdered by the British occupation forces and their loyalist
death squads?  What have these "defence forces" ever done to defend
Irish workers from the bosses who exploit them?  What are these
"defence forces" doing now to defend Irish sovereignty and
neutrality while an Irish airport is used by American forces engaged
in a criminal war of occupation in Iraq?  Indeed, what has the Prime
Minister done but bend his knee to US and British imperialism?  He's a
lackey of the ruling class and the working class of Ireland should be
under no illusions of whose side he's on -- or whose interests the
Irish Defence Forces really defend.

The true inheritors of the Easter Rising tradition are those
republicans and republican socialists who continue the fight against
British occupation and those republican socialists who continue to
fight for James Connolly's dream of an Irish Socialist Republic.

As the North American section of the Irish Republican Socialist
Movement, the IRSCNA send our greetings of solidarity to our comrades
in Ireland and restate that we remain committed to the Irish
Republican Socialist Party and to the movement as a whole.  We send
our greetings to the republican socialist prisoners of war and we once
again call for the immediate release of our comrade, Dessie O'Hare.
We also commend the recent actions taken by the Irish National
Liberation Army against drug dealers.

The IRSCNA is justly proud of our twenty-two years of service to the
movement and we pledge ourselves once again to continuing our efforts
to build recognition of and support for the Irish Republican Socialist
Movement, the national liberation of Ireland, and the liberation of
the Irish working class from the shackles of capitalism.

Onward to the Irish Socialist Republic!


Irish Republican Socialist Committees of North America
PO Box 8266
Austin TX 78713-8266
irscna at irsm.org

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