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Midhurst14 at aol.com Midhurst14 at aol.com
Mon Apr 17 00:21:15 MDT 2006

Please remember that the president of Iran was elected by fraud plus the  
failure of Khatami to challenge the rule of the Ayatollah.
This present situation in Iran is a diversion created by this leadership  
away from the poverty and oppression of minorities, particularly women.
It is dangerous and could provoke the US who having failed in Iraq,  
Afghanistan and Latin America, want to prove they can still act.
There are positive features however to act against this. Their forces are  
stretched, China the economic threat, and the growing budget deficit, the  
growing resistance over immigrants,  the Rumsfeld situation, the  November mid-term 
elections.Iran is a supplier oil to a number of key countries,  such as Japan
First thoughts
George Anthony

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