[Marxism] Why British journalist Nick Cohen supports the war on terror

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Apr 17 07:30:09 MDT 2006

(A comment posted to Lenin's Tomb)

The real rationale (conscious, semi-conscious, and subconscious) behind 
Cohen et al's change of heart post-9/11:

1. Shit. My employer journal's march to the Right is gathering pace. Unless 
I change my anti-NewLabour views at some level I am going to be out of a 
job. Then it's goodbye fashionable metropolitan lifestyle. What would the 
wife say? Plus (horror of horrors) we might have to put the kids in another 
school. Whatever would Tristan and Jemima down at the tennis club think?!!!

2. Hmmm. Now let's see....When you think about it, those terrorists are all 
evil fascists aren't they? They want to destroy our way of life. And Bush 
and Blair are only trying to spread democracy, aren't they? This is a 
socialist war!!!! How can those imbeciles on the far left not see 
it????!!!!!!! They have betrayed the Left!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3. (Phew, that was close....Fancy Tuscany again this summer darling?)

ant | 17 Apr, 13:10 | 



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