[Marxism] Black activist Kabaka Oba, gunned down in Cincinnatti, dies

Bill Quimby wquimby at ecr.net
Mon Apr 17 10:34:02 MDT 2006

Fred, I'll attempt a response although I do not live in
Cincinnati (a wee bit north) and am more than willing to be
corrected by someone closer to that scene.

Kabaka Oba (aka Michael Bailey) was the "general" of an
organization named Black Fist (see its blog below), whose
major objective is to fight police harassment and brutality
in Cincinnati. He was shot just after giving a statement to
the City Council re: the addition of county sheriffs to the
patrolling of the Over The Rhine district - black, and with
a notoriously high crime rate. Part of his statement is here...

"...the police department in any city is a very important
entity of the city. They’re charged with keeping the people

Our problem has always been with the Cincinnati police
department, some of the racist, Nazi police in the
Cincinnati police department. We don’t have any problem with
the good police.

But we have a problem with the bad police, and it seems that
past councils and past mayors have not been willing to deal
with the police effectively.

We know and we’ve been saying for years that the crime rate
went up because of a slow down in the police department.

But the command force and the FOP wasn’t dealt with by the
past mayor and the past councils. Proof that they were on a
slow down, all of a sudden it appears they know how to do
their work.

Since the sheriff’s are in, they’re running around
Over-The-Rhine just doing all kind of anti-crime things. Now
truly they could have been doing that. But what initiative
made them all of a sudden want to do their jobs? And how
could they have gotten away, all these years, being paid top
dollar and not doing their jobs? Crime went up because the
police did their slow down.

And hopefully, mayor and council, you’ll have the police
continue to do their jobs, but do their jobs fairly. That’s
all we ask."

His killer (also black) is a relative of the owners of a
restaurant with which Oba had a long-running feud. It is
suggested that the event was less political than personal.

You may find more about this in the Cincinnati Enquirer


and in the blogs



 From a distance I would say that Cincinnati is (and I think
that local historians would suggest always has been) a very,
very racially charged town, with yearly riots, eagerly and
openly racist radio talk show hosts, a police department
under Federal scrutiny for past incidents of excessive force
against minorities, an otherwise interesting downtown that
few dare visit anymore, and an activist community that finds
it very difficult, in its environment, to obtain visibility.

- Bill

Fred Feldman wrote:
> Does anyone know more about this incident and
> www.guardian.co.uk Black Activist Shot in Cincinnati Dies
>  Does anyone have more info re this event, and about the
> activities of Kabaka Oba?

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