[Marxism] Bolivian Opposition Praises Morales

Wayne S. Rossi felianan at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 17 11:40:39 MDT 2006

Walter --

What is the opinion of the worker on the Bolivian street about Morales?
 What are the militant working class saying, both about his progress on
the gas and water fronts that were so crucial to his election, and on
his recent reaction to, e.g., the recent conflict with strikers at LAB?
 What are the leaders of the gas and water wars talking about?  I don't
presume to know any of this, but I think it'd be far more interesting
if you sent a piece on this and not on a few politicos saying
appropriate and nice things about his literacy campaign.  This sort of
"positive propaganda" trickle that you do is no substitute for real
knowledge of the situation of the working class in Bolivia, or for a
sound Marxist analysis of the situation.


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