[Marxism] Bolivian Opposition Praises Morales

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Mon Apr 17 12:20:46 MDT 2006

Dear Wayne - 

Literacy is a desperate necessity in Bolivia today, and all
the more so if Bolivians are to go forward to reconstruct
their country on a profoundly different basis. Revolutionary
minded people, who themselves already possess the ability to
read and write, who own computers and have internet access
ought not to minimize the importance of literacy in Bolivia,
or anywhere else, for that matter.

I'm as far away from Bolivia as you are. I read what I can
in the Cuban and other international media. I've no plans
to go to Bolivia and cannot personally tell what workers 
in Bolivia are saying. In reporting on this unfolding battle,
I plead guilty to "accentuating the positive", though I don't
"eliminate the negative". I don't claim personal knowledge 
which I don't possess. I read people whose views I agree with
and those I don't agree with because it is necessary to read
widely to attempt to get a full picture of a situation. You
should feel free to post alternative factual material to the
fact which I post, and hopefully we can all learn something.

The trade union officials who were opposed to Evo Morales in
the recent election campaign, but who didn't run against him
or support any alternative to him, are now trying to block 
his programs, above all Morales's proposal for a constituent
assembly to re-write the Bolivian Constitution. 

Hugo Blanco is much closer to the situation and I have great
confidence in his assessment skills regarding this situation.
I strongly urge those interested in Bolivia to read Blanco:

Bolivian peasants aren't likely complaining about this:

The best source I know for what Morales is supposedly doing wrong 
is in the San Francisco, California newspaper SOCIALIST ACTION.
I have known Gerry Foley for over 43 years. He is a writer of
integrity whose knowledge I respect. He and Peter Camejo came to
Madison, Wisconsin in 1962 and recruited me to the Young Socialist
Alliance. I sold copies of THE MILITANT with Gerry during the 
October 1962 missile crisis. I simply think that Gerry and those
who write as he does are politically wrong on Bolivia today and
I agree with the approach taken by Hugo Blanco and the Cubans
as agains such analyses as these:


In fact, following his election, the COB union federation announced
that it was “besieging” the new government, campaigning for it to
meet demands for a real nationalization of the country’s natural
resources, a breakup of the big landed estates, and an immediate
increase in the minimum wage. On Jan. 27, Econoticias reported that
the Morales government denied it had ever promised an increase in the
minimum wage but that there was documentary evidence that his party

It is clear that Morales is just another populist politician in a
long Latin American tradition. His objective is to keep the mass
revolt against imperialist and capitalist exploitation within the
bounds of the existing economic and parliamentary system. But he is
facing a more dynamic and conscious mass movement than similar
populist leaders in the past.



Bolivia´s Morales Lashes Judges

La Paz, Apr 17 (Prensa Latina) Bolivian President Evo Morales

counterattacked the Supreme Court of Justice (SCJ) judges and
expressed suspicions that they want to close the file on a process
against former governor Eduardo Rodriguez for handing over 42
missiles to the US.

In this way, Morales replied to a declaration signed by the SCJ,
provincial, Constitutional courts and other minor entities that
accused the Executive of undertaking a media campaign to destabilize
Judicial power on April 13.

The statesman urged the magistrates to conscientiously work and
vindicate before the people.

He said they should refrain from protecting corrupt acts, while
noting they have until the August Constituent Assembly for that.

He called unbelievable that in the SCJ some members favored the
disarmament of the national defense and summoned the judges to
clarify if they will file the case of former leader Eduardo

The Bolivian head of state repeated the official decision to sanction
those responsible for the handover of the surface-to-air missiles to
the US, saying there is evidence enough to prove that decision.


Bolivia Morales: Organize Assembly

La Paz, Mar 20 (Prensa Latina) President Evo Morales has pleaded for
an dequate organization and selection of candidates, as well as an
alliance with center forces to lead to a popular victory in the
election of the Constituent Assembly.

During a national assembly of his Movement towards Socialism (MAS) in
the central city of Cochabamba over the weekend, he outlined these
elements, while urging social movements to organize adequately.

"In this way, social, economic, political and judicial changes, as
well as a majority of at least 70 percent of votes for MAS can be
guaranteed during elections scheduled for July 2," said Morales.

"If we fail to organize properly, the Constituent Assembly may affect
us adversely," he warned.

The Bolivian president stressed that, as in presidential elections
won last Dec, the core of MAS strategy will be a firm alliance with
popular and indigenous organizations.

WAYNE S. ROSSI comments: 
This sort of "positive propaganda" trickle that you do is no 
substitute for real knowledge of the situation of the working 
class in Bolivia, or for a sound Marxist analysis of the situation.


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