[Marxism] The Euston Manifesto

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Apr 17 12:46:39 MDT 2006

>Do these people have any influence on anyone active in today's
>political left? Thanks.
>Walter Lippmann

You have to understand, Walter, that Marxists are not just obligated to 
comment on activist groups like the Workers World Party or well-known 
figures like Michael Moore or John Kerry. We are obligated to keep up with 
seemingly obscure currents and figures. Here is one example:

Dear Friend:

I don't know whether you have seen Dwight Macdonald's article in the August 
issue of his Partisan Review.

This man was a disciple of Burnham, the intellectual snob. After Burnham 
deserted, Dwight Macdonald was left in Shachtman's party as the lone 
representative of "Science".

On the question of fascism, Macdonald serves up a poor compilation of 
plagiarisms from our arsenal which he represents as his own discoveries and 
to which he opposes some banalities that he characterizes as our ideas. The 
whole without perspective, without proportion and without elementary 
intellectual honesty.

full: http://www.marxists.org/archive/trotsky/works/1940/letter08.htm



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