[Marxism] America, seen through a French monocle

Michael Hoover hooverm at scc-fl.edu
Mon Apr 17 14:43:06 MDT 2006

>>> walterlx at earthlink.net 04/17/06 3:43 PM >>>

Meanwhile, I presume you've read about this new book by the
well-known French lefty Bernard-Henri Levy

lefty?, guess person hasn't read _barbarism with a human face_
(published about 30 yrs ago), levy and his 'new philosophe'
compatriat andre gluckmann had been students of althusser,
may 68ers, maoists, ah those were the days...

frustration with failure of french intellectuals to answer their
call to build guerrilla bases in countryside and with french 
'peasants' to embrace their call for 'long march' led pair to
find god, er, solzhenitsy who showed them that socialism
is impossible, levy writes in above mentioned book that
marxism is gulag/gulag is marxism...

levy also digs nietzschze and see himself smashing idolatry
of marx much as nietzschze portrayed himself smashing 
accepted thought...

and there's more, levy attempts synthesis of foucault and lacan
on *power* but result is traditional pessmistic view of human
nature (to which foucault is actually quite close), this basic
ontological *fact* makes optimism about human condition
a fantasy...

much of this is akin to 1970s u.s. *neo-conservatism" with
exception that levy - back then anyway, don't know about
now - claimed to have no truck with capitalism either, in 
other words, bah humbug to everything...

there's more than bit of particular *brand" of post-modernism
here - politics is dead-end, essence of human existence is
domination in some form, effort to overcome such only
leads to new oppression...

guess one could mention guy's pretentiousness but why fall
prey to ad hominem, in sum, there ain't no left left in levy...   

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