[Marxism] More on Euston

Carrol Cox cbcox at ilstu.edu
Tue Apr 18 09:36:14 MDT 2006

Louis Proyect wrote:
> >It seems that any 'softness' whatever on Israel has been among the most
>  These remarks are cited in the first paragraph of Norman Geras's "Marxists
> before the Holocaust", an article which appears in the special July/August
> 1997 issue of New Left Review on the holocaust. This issue features a
> lengthy critique by Norman Finkelstein on Goldhagen. While Finkelstein's
> rather devastating attack on the scholarship and implicitly pro-Zionist
> ideas of Goldhagen have achieved a high profile, Geras's article is worthy
> of discussion as well, since it occupies a space much closer to Goldhagen's
> than to Marxism.

I remember reading that issue (I think it was my first introduction to
Finkelstein), and because of my admiration for Geras I sort of
deliberately pretended ato myself that his essay was simply an
aberration. Clearly it wasn't.

One might generalize (cautiously): When any one issue (or perhaps when
any one theoretical principle) becomes of overriding concern to an
individual leftist, that is or can become the weak point in his/her


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