[Marxism] More on Euston

Callum McCormick kingcal78 at hotmail.com
Tue Apr 18 09:51:09 MDT 2006

>One might generalize (cautiously): When any one issue (or perhaps when
>any one theoretical principle) becomes of overriding concern to an
>individual leftist, that is or can become the weak point in his/her

Perhaps one might favor a good old-fashioned materialist analysis of 
Professor Geras's thought, rather than a psychological one.

Being determines consciousness, and Emeritus Professors of Politics who own 
property and therefore have a stake in the system tend to become less and 
less friendly towards any notion of fundamentally changing the world. The 
middle class get conservative as they get older for a very simple reason - 
they have "more to lose".

However, rather than admit this fact in a clichéd fashion, he wishes to 
maintain a vaguely "left" self-description, while claiming all the glories 
of apostasy - like puff pieces about you appearing in The Times.

In the final instance, he seems to nothing more than a rather second-rate, 
former 'Marxian' academic. Nothing to get particularly excited about either 
way, I don't think.

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