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Tue Apr 18 14:54:30 MDT 2006

While we can laught and ask if these nutcases come from Central
Casting, the fact is that they provide graphic proof of both the
mindset which politically prevails in Miami, and further proofja
that the Cuban Five couldn't possibly have gotten, nor could 
they in the future get a fair re-trial in a place like Miami.

This book, which is easy to locate on the net, is THIRTY-TWO
PAGES long, and aimed at grade-school children. It's a lovely
little book with simple words and vocabulary, just the right
thing for children of that age. Of course, for militants from
Miami's Cuba-hating ultra-rightist militant crew, the very idea
that children are smiling in this book is reason enough to ban
it from the shelves. This is PRECISELY why it is not possible
for the Cuban Five, or anyone else accused of anything which is
sympathetic to Cuba, to get a fair trial in Miami today.

Walter Lippmann, CubaNews

Posted on Tue, Apr. 18, 2006

Dade to consider ban of children's book
The Miami-Dade School Board will discuss 
banning a controversial children's book 
from school libraries, even though 
the board attorney warned such a move 
may violate state law.
mpinzur at MiamiHerald.com

A controversial children's book about Cuba will be debated by the
School Board today, but members appear unlikely to take immediate
action to remove it from student libraries.

A bill sponsored by board member Frank Bolaños would circumvent the
appeals process and immediately remove Vamos a Cuba (subtitled A
Visit To Cuba) from school libraries. But during a committee meeting
Monday, a board attorney said that would likely violate state law and
run afoul of a landmark Supreme Court ruling on school libraries.

Bolaños himself did not attend Monday's meeting, but a majority of
board members clearly indicated they would vote against the bill and
allow the district review to move forward -- a process that could
take weeks and might ultimately land the 32-page book back before the
School Board.

The 5-year-old book drew attention this month after a parent at
Marjory Stoneman Douglas Elementary complained about its depiction of
Cuba under Fidel Castro. In one oft-cited passage, author Alta
Schreier writes: ``The people of Cuba eat, work and study like you.''

''Nothing could be further from the truth,'' Bolaños wrote in his
bill, citing food rations, proscribed employment and forced school
chants about Castro's greatness.

The American Civil Liberties Union sent a letter late Monday opposing
the bill, which the group said would inevitably lead to a lawsuit.

''Instead of banning Vamos a Cuba from all public school libraries,
the School Board could consider adding more books that offer
differing points of views on Cuba and encourage parents of
schoolchildren who check out the book to discuss the political
realities of contemporary Cuba with their children,'' the letter
said. ``More speech, not censorship, should be the School Board's
response to this matter.''

The schools own a total of 49 copies of the book, and Miami-Dade's
public libraries have about 20 more, district officials said. Another
160 copies can be found in other Florida districts' school libraries.

Most Miami-Dade board members avoided taking a position on the book's
content Monday, saying they simply wanted the appeals process to run
its course.

''The rule depoliticizes this and puts it in the hands of
educators,'' board member Martin Karp said.

The appeal began Monday with the meeting of school administrators at
Marjory Stoneman Douglas Elementary, who must make written
recommendations within five days.

Their recommendation can be appealed to a 17-member committee formed
by Superintendent Rudy Crew, and that group's decision can be
appealed to the nine-member School Board.

Numerous Cuban exile groups have announced protests at today's board
meeting, which is scheduled to begin at 1 p.m. at the School Board
Administration Building, 1450 NE Second Ave.

Demonstrators To Bring 'Vamos A Cuba' Protests To School Board
Tue Apr 18, 8:43 AM ET

Demonstrators are expected to convene outside the Miami-Dade County
school board building today to protest a Spanish-language travel book
about Cuba that some Cuban immigrants feel doesn't belong on school

"Vamos a Cuba" was pulled from Marjory Stoneman Douglas Elementary
School earlier this month after a parent who emigrated from the
communist country complained to school administrators that the book
doesn't accurately represent life there.

The book is geared toward second- and third-grade readers, and
details the events and institutions in Cuba born under Fidel Castro's

School officials said the book includes images of smiling children
wearing uniforms of a communist youth group and a carnival
celebrating the Cuban revolution of 1959.

In a letter to the school board, Superintendent Rudy Crew states that
the book paints those events in a benign way and has called for the
removal of the book from all schools.

The English-language edition of the book is titled "A Visit to Cuba."

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