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Tue Apr 18 20:59:02 MDT 2006

The Sydney Morning Herald's 175th anniversary, an alternative view

By Bob Gould

As a man of the left with an interest in history, on April 19 I read the 
Sydney Morning Herald's 175th anniversary supplement with great interest.

Like all newspapers, the SMH claims to be independent, and also claims 
to speak "to, and for, all the people of Australia in reporting and 
analysing the news", (page 10, April 19).

The hypocrisy of claiming to speak for all Australians is breathtaking, 
although it is conventional newspaper cant. For a start, in Australian 
politics the SMH has rarely been independent, and has only supported a 
vote for the Labor Party on three or four occasions in the 100 or so 
elections during its 175 year history.

On every other occasion it has supported a vote for the conservative 
parties, often in extremely virulent tones. One of the exceptions was 
the Second World War election, when the then editor, Henderson, or 
possibly one of the Fairfax family, wrote a carefully thought-out high 
Tory series of articles, which the SMH released as a pamphlet. The nub 
of the argument in this publication was that national necessity required 
the re-election of Labor Prime Minister John Curtin, but that a careful 
distinction should be made between Curtin Labor and Lang Labor, and the 
Communists, neither of which should be supported.

Full: http://www.gouldsbooks.com.au/ozleft/smh175.html

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