[Marxism] Solomon Islands:Aussie Imperialism at work

Ggregray at aol.com Ggregray at aol.com
Wed Apr 19 05:19:08 MDT 2006

Thousand of Solomon Islanders have continued to demonstrate strongly against 
what they have claimed is a rigged outcome to the elections. There has been 
widespread destruction in the capital Honiaria and there are reports that the 
police have abandoned  Chinatown and other central areas of the city.
The strong  peoples movement has not only forced the newly chosen Prime 
Minister to flee and to stay at a secret location. It has ripped open yet again the 
myth that an oppressed people will welcome the forces of Imperialism in the 
guise of liberators.
Australian Prime Minister , John Howard, announced that 110 Australian troops 
and an extra 70 Australian Federal Police  officers are being sent into the 
Solomons at the request of the SI Government. Howard said that the SI was an 
independent nation and that to send in troops without an invitation would amount 
to invasion "and we don't do that" he said. Iraq wasn't mentioned by Howard.
But the so-called invitation is just a sham and a formality reminiscent of 
the invitation sought from the puppet government of South Vietnam when Howard's 
predecessor and idol Sir Robert Menzies wanted to join the imperialist war 
Foreign Minister Alex Downer expressed  Australian imperialism's arrogant 
towards the Solomons more directly and more truthfully:
"The situation there is inherently unstable and our police will have to 
remain there for a long time to come and we will have to be prepared from time to 
time to send in military reinforcements if it's necessary just as it is at the 
No worries about invitations and independent countries there then.
The Australian police and military forces are in SI  as part of the Regional 
Aid Mission to the Solomon Islands (RAMSI)
This was set up in 2003 after years of fighting in SI was seen as a threat to 
stability in the south Pacificregion. Australia supplies the largest number 
of forces to RAMSI with participation by New Zealand,Fiji and Kiribati.
The Australian Fedral Police  were singled out by the Speaker of the SI 
Parliament, Sir Peter Kenilorea, for having used tear gas on a relatively peaceful 
demonstration at Parliament house yesterday when news came out that Snyder 
Rini had been chosen by the parliamentarians as PM over his rival Job Dudlley 
Tausinga. This result was widely considered to be a surprise and corrupt 
influence was suspected.
Sir Peter also declared that he had ordered AFP officers to leave Parliament 
house when they attempted to use it as an organising base.
Austalian Labor Party leader Kim Beazley has offered his full support to 
sending more troops into SI. This should be widely condemned by Labor Party 
members, trade unionists and socialists.
We should campaign for Australian imperialist forces to be withdrawn from the 
Solomons just as we call for their immediate withdrawal from Iraq.

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