[Marxism] New Australian Labor Party left website

Jack Cade jack.cade at btinternet.com
Wed Apr 19 06:35:46 MDT 2006

> * Labor Tribune stands in opposition to the proliferation of 
> sects and 
> confessional societies that litter the fringes of the 
> workers' movement. 
> Derivative of Trotskyism, though by no means exclusive to it,
> semi-religious, scriptual and cultish methods of such groups
are a 
> barrier to our class unity.

	Yeah, and who is the editor of this august journal? One
Marcus Strom, not so long ago journalist on the London
'Independent' and an activist in the strange, neo-Trotskyist
groupuscule the 'CPGB'. Not the first such outfit to style itself
a 'Communist Party' but what is the point now? Some articles from
the CPGB paper, the 'Weekly Worker' have been lifted without
acknowledgement on the website, such as Hillel Tickin on decline
and the interview with John Bellamy Foster. Now Strom is a Branch
Secretary in the Aussie Labor Party. Not the first 'revolutionary
Marxist' to bury themselves in the coils of social-democratic

Oh well, he's not a child anymore and if he wants to waste his
time in this way...

Jack Cade

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