[Marxism] Euston Manifesto...You've got to be kidding

Debordagoria phantasmagorias at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 19 06:51:24 MDT 2006

My favorite part was "The U.S. is a GREAT country."
and it has a "strong democracy." Profound intellectual
stuff for the manifesto of a new progressive
democratic movement.  Maybe they were doing some
drinking in that pub they wrote it in.
Michael D.

--- Myles Sullivan <mylessullivan81 at hotmail.com>

> When I read through the Euston Manifesto for the
> first time I was cracking 
> up and really having a good time of it-I thought it
> was satire written by 
> someone at lenin's tomb.
> Well, at least the liberal apologists gave me a good
> laugh.  pathetic.

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