[Marxism] Do Latino immigrants drive down wages (was: "RE:immigration issues")

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Point, no point:

1.  immigrant labor does not drive down wages.  Wage rates are, and have
been historically, independent of immigration flows.  Real wages in the
US declined between 1973 and 1993 regardless of immigration flows.  Real
wages increased 1994-2000 coincident with increased immigration.  Real
wages 2001-2005 have not been determined by immigration flows as the
jobs "taken" by immigrants are mostly jobs vacated by previous

2. In the 1973-1993 period, the attack on wages, and employment levels
(which becomes the same thing)  in specific industries precedes the
employment of immigrant labor in those areas.

3. Capitalism is, precisely, about class, with gender and "race"
providing critical areas for exploitation precisely as class-- so that
the subjugation of women, the "devaluation" of women in societies,
becomes a critical component of creating surplus value exactly to the
degree that women can be employed in capitalist production, i.e
maquilladoras, textiles, electronic component assembly, shoes etc.

4. Immigration does not exist, nor function, as a "transfer of value"
from one society to the other as one society bears the "cost" of rearing
the labor supply for another.  That is a non-sensical argument, as the
cost exists for the supplying society regardless of the immigration flow
AND the immigration flow exist partly because the "suppliers" cannot
employ the labor sufficiently, adequately, profitably enough.  In
essence, this  labor supply has no value to the "supplying" society, and
export becomes a source of earnings through remittances.

5. And by the way, in NYC at least, there are many official union
organizers, and officials, of Spanish speaking Latino origin.

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