[Marxism] disgraceful campaign against May 1st boycott

Andrew Pollack acpollack2 at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 21 12:57:02 MDT 2006

re Jesse's comments: Sounds like you guys are taking  this  seriously and appropriately. I would go one step further and say that a  "decide for our collective selves" approach works to. In fact that gets  to my problems with what some of the leaders elsewhere are saying.
  IF -- as I hope happens down the road, which is why I've been pushing  the formation of shop and neighborhood affiliates of the NY coalition  -- the members of these unions come together and say, "sorry, we're not  ready to strike yet (or again) on this particular day," I would say  that decision must rule.
  And as we've just seen in France, and as is frequently the case,  general strikes happen in stages with varying degrees of participation.  All I ask is that people say "we WANT to get to that stage because we  know that's where our power is, and  f*** any politician or  businessman who tells us not to use that power. WE will decide when to  use it!"
  "Jesse Jack" wrote:
  What's wrong with a "decide for yourself" approach? Different   people have  different circumstances. In Anchorage, our YCL club has been trying to  mobilize a May 1 student walkout. Our policy thus far has been that people  should understand the consequences and decide for themselves if it's worth  it. There's the potential that someone will miss a final and fail a course,  and maybe lose their financial aid, but no one's going to put a gun to their  head and make them do it.  
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