[Marxism] US Presidents acting nuts

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Fri Apr 21 14:03:10 MDT 2006

The absence of military conscription at this stage is an important
factor in holding back anti-war activity. At the same time, there
have only been a few thousand deaths, under three thousand among
the people of the United States. Let's keep in mind that by the
end of the Vietnam war, 58 THOUSAND U.S. soldiers died. My guess
is that most of us writing these messages on this list were once
active in the anti-Vietnam war movement. That means over thirty
years ago. There has been a radical shift and an entirely new
generation has appeared on the campuses and elsewho only know of
the anti-war movement then from whatever they might - and might
NOT - have heard in school. Not a lot can be counted on from a
source like that...Fred Halstead's OUT NOW remains among the
very best books about that period.

Walter Lippmann 

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