[Marxism] Do Latino immigrants drive downwages(was:"RE:immigration issues")

Joaquín Bustelo jbustelo at bellsouth.net
Sat Apr 22 02:24:40 MDT 2006

Sartesian says: "JB in his original ideological genuflection at sarcophagus
of Lenin's <Imperialism>  states that the main, net economic effect of
immigration is to transfer value from Mexico (and other countries) to the
US.  That's the baloney part.  First, and foremost, value has to be produced
before it can be transferred.  And this is where JB's race-based economism
fall apart, or comes together, or both-- value, for JB as opposed to
capital, has no specific social relation to production."

"sartesian's" outraged and ignorant reply to me provides no serious ground
for discussion. Suffice it to say that human labor power is a commodity, and
one not so cheap to produce. 


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