[Marxism] Engels on 'relative autonomy'

Charles Brown cbrown at michiganlegal.org
Sat Apr 22 08:56:26 MDT 2006

Thanks, I know that letter to Bloch - I just recalled actually seeing that
phrase attributed to Engels somewhere, but probably that was a
misattribution, wanted check. So is the word 'autonomy' (or rather Autonomie
or some other German term) ever used in Marx or Engels' work to indicate
such a thing? If not, when did the concept first originate - obviously I
know of Adorno and Althusser, but wondered if there were earlier precedents?


CB: It is possible that Lenin's anti-Economism in _What is to be done ?_ is
a logical permutation of this. The "Meneshiviks" advocated confining the
workers' to shop floor, trade unionism pure and simple struggles. Lenin
advocated workers being involved in political struggles in opposition to
this. Maybe.

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