[Marxism] Silly, isn't it?

David Schanoes dmschanoes at earthlink.net
Sat Apr 22 11:54:05 MDT 2006

Really.  Why play this game?  Make incorrect charges and then censor the
response, but leaving the back door wide open?  Why waste everyone's

Just say what you want Mr. Moderator.  On your list.

Held by the moderator:

 Not a very accurate version of recent history, Mr. Proyect.  Not
surprisingly.  Generally speaking, you unsubbed me 4 distinct times.
Generally speaking I unsubbed myself an additional for.  Bringing up the
issue of Malthus , you should at least bring up the fact that you first
unsubbed me for refusing to bend my knee before the creed of Hubbert,
insisting then, as I do now, that oil depletionism is essentially
anti-Marxist, non-scientific, fundamentally reactionary.

As I wrote, I unsubbed recently because the moderator decided to
transmit JB's protest against moderation to the list, but not mine.  The
moderator then attempted to justify his decision by telling the list
that despite the fact that I had been in France for "several weeks"
during the anti-CPE struggle, I only wanted to flame about Latin America
and regurgitate the old fights about orthodoxy.  Not accurate, not
honest. Been in France only 3 days, one of which was spent in conference
with colleagues at the SNCF.

Now after JB flames away, the moderator imposes moderation prior to
response.  Brilliant, as they say in the UK. I have absolutely no
interests in the fights between Marxism and  revisionism of the last 120
years.  I have never on this list cited  Lenin, or Trotsky, or Marx as
religious requirements, as a catechism to  be mumbled before, during, or
after any discussion.  On the contrary, it is the "non-orthodox" who are
always babbling about ultra-left this and  ultra-left that, Lenin's
Imperialism, etc. etc.

But certain notions that pretend to be Marxist, i.e. "value transfer,"
"national salvation," etc. require examination, criticism, etc. to
clarify  the real driving forces of struggles.

I am somewhat proud of being thrown off Henwood's LBO-- since the
precipitating event was criticizing the view that Lugar was an
improvement over Helms on the Senate Foreign Relations Committe; and
PEN?  Come one, Proyect-- think you got bounced once or twice yourself-- 
and if not your intemperate language and orthodox posing certainly
belie  your current self-presentation as a thoroughly moderate

Bottom line really is that Proyect and I detest each other.  And that's
fine with me.  I've been hated by better men than the moderator, that's
for sure.  Just call it what it is.  If  Proyect doesn't want me on this
list, he should drop all pretense at moderation, and simply say that.
I've been thrown out of better places, that's for sure too.

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