[Marxism] Camejo at UC Davis on Monday

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Sun Apr 23 07:22:05 MDT 2006

NB at the end, the sophisticated and cynical comment by a student  
supporter of the Democratic Party.

Brian Shannon

by Talia Kennedy

Politically minded students can hear Green Party gubernatorial  
candidate Peter Camejo's take on immigration, the death penalty and  
the economy at 7 p.m. Monday in 216 Wellman.

The speech, sponsored by the Davis College Green Party and the UC  
Davis chapter of the International Socialist Organization, is  
intended for students of all political affiliations to learn about  
the major issues affecting today's government, especially the recent  
immigration legislation.

"This event is meant to educate the community about the current  
issues surrounding the major changes being made to our country's  
policy on immigrants and why a different approach needs to be taken,"  
said Jonathon Leathers, president of the Davis College Green Party,  
in a press release.

The Green Party advocates what it believes to be a more humane  
approach to handling immigration to the United States, and Camejo  
will discuss upcoming protests against HR 4437, said Mitch Smith,  
Camejo's campaign manager.

"He's interested in talking about May 1, when people will be  
protesting the immigration law going through Congress," he said.  
"He's been working with the May 1 coalition on immigrant rights, anti- 
death penalty movements and his economic platform."

Smith said students should attend the speech because Camejo will  
address each member of the audience on a personal level.

"Peter Camejo is someone who does a tremendous amount of outreach to  
people not being represented by the current administration, including  
members of the Muslim and Latino communities," he said.

While Camejo's stop at UC Davis is part of his campaign for governor,  
he has other goals in mind besides winning the gubernatorial race,  
Smith said.

"Peter is not just looking to win," he said. "He wants to build  
activism, regardless of students' political affiliations."

Camejo earned the Green Party nomination to run for governor in 2002  
and in the recall election of 2003. He also served as Ralph Nader's  
2004 vice presidential candidate. Camejo is heading the Million Votes  
for Peace campaign - an effort to cast one million votes for the  
Green Party in California in November's gubernatorial election - to  
symbolically oppose Democratic and Republican party leadership.

"Peter has been the face of the Green Party in California for several  
years now, and it is important to show that the Green Party is the  
true opposition party in this country," Leathers said.

Jen Hale, a senior political science and psychology double major who  
volunteers for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Steve Westly's  
campaign, said she thought attending Camejo's speech would be  
beneficial for students.

"We should be extra vigilant at this election and get the best  
candidate for the office," she said. "It is the two major parties  
that take the good ideas from the third party candidate. We need to  
know all the candidates and where they stand."


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