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> The Bolivian gov't objected to the mill on envriormental grounds.
> According the one and only article on bolpress.com that I find, it
> seems the mill is going to be fired by charcoal (something I find hard
> to believe). Charcoal production is very detrimental to the ecology as
> it takes lots of trees to produce it releases tons of carbon, etc.
> Some steel makers will use charcoal because of chemical properties
> that make it particularly 'clean' and has been used for speciality
> steel. At any rate, the villiagers there *revolted* against the
> gov't's anti-mill position, they wanted it built. They kidnapped some
> gov't ministers in protest (who were later released).

The project runs on charcoal, yes.  The environmental costs would be 
appalling.  "Villageers" who rise against the Bol govm"t are in fact 
members of the higher ranks of these miserable communities, organized 
and hegemonized by the Santa Cruz separatists.  The proposal seeks to 
counter the Bolivian proposal to use Bolivian gas to industrialize 
Bolivian iron at the Mutum iron ore Eldorado.  Across the frontier, 
and along the Urucum range of hills, there is a Brazilian steel 
plant, which would have engulfed the Brazilian project of Bolivia.

The whole thing seeks to keep Bolivian gas for the corporate 
interests in São Paulo, not for Bolivia.

But Latin America needs a strong steel producing area around the 
Mutum, with all the industries that begin there.  The Brazilian, 
"state-owned", but "privately managed" much in the sense of former 
PDVSA in Venezuela, company (the largest state-owned steel mill in 
South America, the Companhia do Vale do Rio Doce, has been privatized 
by F.H.Cardoso), resorted to Santa Cruz separatism against Bolivia 
and its decission to industrialize gas and iron through a Mexican-
generated process in Mutum.

I think that one does not need to probe too deep in the class issues 
involved to understand where should a serious radical stand on this 

With Morales, with the Bolivian poor, with Latin American union, and 
with the Amazon forest.

Against the charcoal-based plant, believe it our friend, or not.

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