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Andrew Pollack acpollack2 at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 23 12:10:20 MDT 2006

Below are excerpts from two articles. The first quotes
an executive VP of SEIU, which helped organize this
crucial demonstration of Haitians demanding equality,
to start with, with other immigrants who get TPS
status. The other is from an earlier version of a
NYTimes article on Change to Win's intentions to
organize millions of new members. (The version of the
story currently on the web doesn't mention organizing,
only the TV ad campaign! Down the memory hole...)
Also all over the news yesterday was Andy Stern's
announcement he'd join the rolling hunger strike of
immigrant workers at the U. of Miami.
The point of course is not that the bureaucrats will
see through to the end any of these struggles, but
rather that the mass movement of immigrants is opening
new opportunities to draw in millions of new members,
and from their ranks to build a class-struggle left
Thousands march for Haitian rights
Protesters marched through North Miami to protest what
they call an unjust policy toward Haitian immigrants.

Centered at the front lines of their crusade is a
long-standing demand: that all Haitians be granted
temporary protected status, or TPS, which permits
immigrants from a handful of countries in crisis to
remain in the United States as lawful residents.

''We're gonna fight to make sure there are no
second-class citizens. . . . Haitians will no longer
go invisible!'' bellowed Eliseo Medina, executive vice
president of the Service Employees International
Union, a national organization representing nearly two
million workers.

Medina was one of several civic leaders who organized
the rally with other groups to protest what they call
the unjust policies toward Haitian immigrants that
began with the Clinton administration.

April 22, 2006
New Labor Group Beginning Drive for Higher Pay

In their first major initiative since quitting the
A.F.L.-C.I.O., the breakaway unions are beginning a
drive to increase the wages of, and perhaps unionize,
50 million service workers.

The effort will focus on workers whose jobs cannot be
shipped overseas — hotel maids, nursing-home aides,
school bus drivers, truck drivers at seaports and
others — with the goal of assuring them affordable
health insurance, retirement security and higher

Over the next month, the Change to Win unions, which
have more than five million members, are planning 40
demonstrations to mobilize support. Next week, the
federation will hold rallies in Seattle for port truck
drivers, in San Diego for workers at Children's
Hospital, in Kansas City for immigrant construction
workers and in Chicago to demand higher wages for
Wal-Mart workers.

The new federation kicks off its campaign tomorrow
with television advertisements criticizing the gap
between the pay of chief executives and that of
average workers.

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